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Create A Content Marketing Strategy To Communicate Your Substance Abuse Program's Value & Purpose.

Content Marketing Services

Create the conversations with your audience so you can understand their needs. With a purposeful intent that pays attention to details your content marketing strategy can propell your ROI upward. Create, drive, and publish each piece of content tactfully,. Build trust and relationships with your audience by nurturing the connection with your substance abuse program and their desire, but fear to create long-lasting change.
Substance abuse Programs Content marketing web audits

Web Content Audits

Give your audience a unique feeling and experience while in your digital home. Use SEO and Keyword Research to your advantage. In today’s content marketing strategies old websites with long blocks of text don’t suffice. Together we can get your website on track and start to rank on search engings. SEO safe practices will generate the leads you need to save lives.

Blog Content and Articles

Your blog will assist in building authority, rapport, and influence with your audience. Structured blog posts published consistently to your substance abuse programs recovery blog enhance your program’s worth. Convey your philosophy and mission and increase keyword rankings with purposeful blog posts. The key to an award-winning content marketing SEO strategy is consistency.
Substance Abuse programs PPC campaigns

PPC, Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC), Facebook ads and banners are the ways you can get your SA Treatment center in front of your target audience. When the process is aligned properly with the content and copy your message will be seen, beds will be filled, so you can save more lives.
Substance Abuse Programs Social media mangagment

Social Media Management

Use the power of social media to build leverage for your substance abuse programs content marketing and your tribe of advocates, and authority as an industry leader. Your presence on social media platforms allows you to build rapport, answer delicate questions about substance abuse disorders and treatment processes
Substance Abuse Programs Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the backbone of your digital marketing plan. Synchronize landing pages with paid advertisements, blog or guest posts, and email marketing. Are you sending PPC readers to your homepage? Do you have single purpose calls to action on your existing landing pages? Single purpose stand alone landing pages gently nudge the reader to your desired outcome. Let’s talk about how you can stop overwhelming PPC readers and start using landing pages for your substance abuse program today.
Substance abuse programs email marketing

Email Marketing

Keeping alumni, blog ambassadors, family and friends informed of your substance program’s events, new treatment modalities, milestones, and new blog posts is effective and efficient. Building your list of email subscribers warms readers to your message. Keep your alumni on the road to recovery, refresh their obligations to themselves and families, use the power of persuasion in email marketing campaigns to enhance the beauty found in recovery.
Substance Abuse Programs Landing Pages


When used tactfully infographics can be the difference between saving a life. Face it; not everyone has time to read your blog posts. Lead generation tactics utilizing the power of infographics could be the tipping point for planting a seed for positive change.  The power of image and text combined as a tool to educate and inform your audience is in your hands when you start implementing infographics into your substance abuse programs content marketing strategy.

Lead Generation-White Papers

Building an email list gives you permission to speak to your audience when you want. Offer sound advice, explain new programs or services, or just to reassure your readers their not alone.  Building your list with white papers works.  In substance abuse marketing the valuable information you can offer with a white paper is endless. White papers can assist your audience by providing the tools, knowledge, and understanding needed to cope with the diagnosis of a substance abuse disorder.

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Addiction Marketing: Landing Pages Are a Vital Element To Increase Positive Results of Content Marketing Strategy.

Addiction Marketing: Landing Pages Are a Vital Element To Increase Positive Results of Content Marketing Strategy.   Addiction doesn't just affect the life of the one diagnosed with the substance abuse disorder. Family, friends, and employers all feel anxiety and...