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SEO and Substance Abuse Treatment Content Marketing

Search engine optimization can create worry about the strategy for your treatment programs content marketing. Presently there are 14K addiction treatment programs in the United States alone trying to rank for the same keywords. This process shouldn’t be overwhelming.

You need to be sure all your content is optimized for keywords your ranking in your strategy.

In regards to substance abuse programs marketing SEO might be the difference between a search inquiry finding your facility or not. In simpler terms, SEO is crucial to filling beds. It’s a fact-the internet is a tool to find solutions.

Substance abuse treatment is even more unique because the cloud of a stigma that surrounds drug addiction. The sooner you start investing in SEO for your website the faster your addiction treatment program’s rankings in search engines increase.


SEO Process To Rank Higher On Google

1.  Ranking higher on Google is a process that begins with Keyword research.  Keywords used in addiction treatment marketing are extremely competitive.  The knowledge I gained as a clinician helps me understand the phrases readers will use in search engines.

Your substance abuse programs website should analyze keywords in regards too.

  • Ideal clients and location
  • type of facility
  • treatment modalities-
  • your substance abuse programs direct competition.


Understanding ho searches are performed in Google, Yahoo, or Bing work as a guide for determining the phrases I will use to create/audit your content. Knowing your audinece and their vocabulary assists in writing more readable and realistic content.

2.  Strategy and Planning

3. Publishing Quality Content

Plans and Pricing

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Addiction Marketing: Landing Pages Are a Vital Element To Increase Positive Results of Content Marketing Strategy.

Addiction Marketing: Landing Pages Are a Vital Element To Increase Positive Results of Content Marketing Strategy.   Addiction doesn't just affect the life of the one diagnosed with the substance abuse disorder. Family, friends, and employers all feel anxiety and...