Image of a highway at night car headlights blurred and the words read BE PATIENT-Addiction Marketing: 5 Ways To Improve SEO Link Building Safely.
When you first heard about content marketing for your drug rehab, it wasn’t long after you that you probably read about search engine optimization and SEO link building, and other ways to rank higher in the search engine king, Google.

Addiction marketers what have you heard about how to build quality links and SEO?

It’s possible you’ve heard all about white hat and black hat techniques to build reputable links for your addiction programs website.  70% of the ranking for your site happens with  SEO link building. Links to your sites are considered votes from other authorities and influencers. In other words, when you publish an essential piece of quality content, well researched including relevant data or instruction other sites will link to it, which Google translates your content to be of higher value to those using the search engine.

What this means is for Google to find your site you have to spend time building quality links back to your site. Moz estimates at least 6 months before you’ll see this change. Of course,  6 months seems like a long time to get your website working for you but once you start seeing natural changes in rankings your well on your way to becoming an authority in Googles eyes.


Before I go any further let’s define White and Black Hat SEO Link Building


I’ll define Black Hat SEO first because it’s not our concern in this article because the title reads ‘Quality Links.’ There isn’t much about Black Hat SEO that resembles quality.

A google snippet from Webopedia defines Black Hat Seo as

An image of a Google snippet about black hat SEO link building
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Keywords in this snippet are

  • Aggressive
  • Not a human audience
  • Doesn’t obey search engine guidelines.

Needless to say, Google penalizes your site when you use risky SEO link building practices. Google doesn’t like when you don’t follow the rules. You can try to jump ahead and buy links to your site. Companies that sell you dreams saying they will get you on page one in a couple of months are using black hate practices and efforts like these will not go unnoticed. 

Yeah in 2 months you’ll rank and everything will be fine, but then 6 months Google crawls your content. The spiders take note of you no longer producing quality links and you’re banished from page one into oblivion. Once this happens it will be difficult to rank for anything.  Be weary when you hear the words fast and SEO in the same sentence. 

The penalties are harsh for scamming the system and being found. Seriously trying to increase your search ranking using scammy tactics will backfire on you and decrease your rankings. Ending up further down in page rankings than when you started is the penalty for trying to scam Google’s algorithm.


Is it really worth it?


That’s it. Knowing the penalty for


  • linking schemes,
  • paying for links,  
  • keyword stuffing,
  • auto-written content or
  • Hidden content

Even though you’re not interested in using Black Hat practices it’s suggested that you become informed of how it works, so you don’t mistakenly use or disobey safe SEO link building guidelines.

Should be enough to deter you from wanting to engage in Black Hat SEO practices.

An image of a Google snippet for SEO link Building with White Hat safe practices
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Let’s define the term more simply by saying its a process that focuses on providing quality to your unique audience. In your efforts to provide your reader with an engaging experience online you’ll build authority influence and a rapport with not only your readers but other brands in your industry.

I’m banking on not having to persuade you into wanting to learn more about how to build quality links to increase your authority, influence and search engine rankings.

Let’s move on and learn some safe SEO link building techniques, so you can improve your addiction marketing can improve the results of your substance abuse programs search engine rankings.

White Hat SEO link building begins with publishing lodes of top-level content. When you are publishing purposeful content influencers and authority sites will link to your content because it is valuable to their audience.

SEO is never instant. It takes time and no other way to see instant results. To start building quality links to your site so your drug rehab can fill more beds and save more lives you need to start publishing content and here are

5 SEO link building tips you can use in your addiction marketing. 


1. Guest post to build quality links back to your site

SEO Link Building with Guest Posting
Publishing valuable content on another industry leader in the industry builds your authority and influence. Guest posting is a powerful tool for increased traction, traffic, and links back to your site.


Search for high-traffic reputable websites that share your specific audience. Once you’ve determined the blog sites you feel would provide you with a quality link back to your site you should start to build a relationship with that site.


Two of my favorite content marketing experts say about the power of building quality links with guest posting


Neil Patel– Neil just keeps breaking barriers with his need to help websites rank with SEO. Genuine and purely addicted to assisting others to succeed. Can’t read enough of his long-form blog posts.

Neil Patel Banner Seo Link Building with guest posting
If you’re in the market for targeted traffic and powerful backlinks, guest posting should be at the forefront of your mind. And while Google has publicly warned against mass, low-quality guest posting, there’s no doubt that it’ll remain a link building bedrock for years to come.”


Adam Connell– CEO Blogging Wizard, Co-Founder of LinkOlogy, addicted to B-rated Sci-Fi movies and everything blogging.

Adam Connell Banner Seo Link Building with guest posting
When you build on the right foundation, and couple that with a clever strategy that has your end goals in mind, you’ll be far more likely to make guest blogging work for you.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the benefits of guest blogging won’t take hold immediately – it takes time, determination, hard work and a lot of patience.

Some posts will fall flat on their face, but it’s all about what you can learn about that failure to ensure the next one is a success.

And it’s not a magic bullet traffic strategy either. The benefits go deeper than just driving more traffic.


Before you submit a guest post idea it is always best to read a blogs submission guidelines and several posts to familiarize ‘yourself with the tone, style, and length of guest posts.


Some blogs to consider submitting guest posts too

1.  The Fix

Screenshot of The Fix contributor page for SEO link building strategy
Image source

Longtime running addiction blog The Fix. Great name killer site. These guys don’t hold back you need a sobriety fix get it here. Contributing guest posts information to the link above. Check out the submissions page to see if you’re a fit.

2. Sober Nation

SEO link building guest posting contributor page at Sober Nation
Image Source

Sober nation-”putting recovery on the map”  Tim Stoddart has been writing, speaking, building amazing websites, and killer graphic sober t-shirts for the addiction industry for several years. He’s all about lessening another’s struggle with addiction. Give him a shout and get that guest post.


3.  Addiction Blog

Seo link building guest posting strategy at the Addiction Blog
Image source

The addiction blog uses contributing writers when the going gets tough. You can connect with the content managers on Linkedin to find out more about how to submit guest posts


The sites listed in both SaaS and Substance Abuse are not paid guest posting sites. Go here for a detailed list of paid guest posting sites

Key factors about guest posting-

  • Unless it’s a sponsored advertisement on one of these sites keep it personal, informative, and enjoyable.
  • Guest posts are not advertorials for your treatment facility
  • Guest postings is to build authority and awareness for your treatment program.
  • Stick the guidelines posted
  • Edit for grammatical errors, links, and source your images.
  • Write to the reader with a conversational tone.
  • Include a compelling call to action (CTA)
  • Share your guest post
  • Reply to comments if comments are enabled.

2. Industry spotlights

Press releases

(PR)  have been used to get in from of your audience for decades. The interesting point here is that PR is still alive and well- in print and online. Content marketing is a strategic process that implements many types of marketing materials.


Press releases fill in gaps in marketing, introduce new services to the worlds, and attract leads from new sources. Persuade readers to find out more about you by Including a call-to-action (CTA) in your press release so interested readers can find you easily.


Most importantly, posting a monthly press release in a Newsletter archive or in News and Events page on your website is another way to rank higher for specific keywords and local SEO. In other words, make it easy for readers to find your recent news.


The magic happens when several news sources feel your release is reputable and valuable so the PR is shared with its readers. Once it’s shared it’ll be linked back to your site. Press releases build links and authority. Therefore your content strategy should include monthly press releases as a way to gain momentum and rank higher in organic search.

Sponsored Ads

Add power to your guest posting and pay for sponsored advertisement posts. Differing from guest posting sponsored posts are all about the organic in post link back to your site. Unlike guest posting which shuns linking back to your site. When you guest post you’ll get the contributor link which i previously discussed. A sponsored advertisement allows for links back to your website you see them more frequently in print magizines and on popular blogs. website.

Screenshot of Sober Nations sponsored post page for SEO link building
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*Note in the above listing your content NEEDS to be purposeful, relevant, and valuable to Sober nations readers.

3. Use Checklists, Guides, & Whitepapers as a way to generate quality links 

Screenshot depicts a cover image of drug rehab marketing landing page ebook used as an example for SEO link building
Guides- such as checklists white papers or infographics illustrate your authority. Creating these guides to provide value to your reader allows other authority sites to link to you.


When other programs or blog writers are creating content for their site, and you’ve published checklists and guides to help another begin to understand recovery, inpatient, outpatient or MMTP you’re building connections through linked authority.


The more value your ebook, checklist, or whitepaper provides readers the more links it will create back to your site. It’s vital the quality, relevance, and validity of your data are on-point before authority sites with much influence links to this specific piece of content.


Infographics might be the single best piece of content to create in regards to getting quality links likes and shares attributed to your site. Infographics are an entertaining way to address subjects, teach how-to perform a task or provide an easy to follow guide or list. For more information about the power of visually creative infographics check out this post.


4. SEO link building with Interviews



Interviewing authorities in the industry is another way to get links back to your site. Books can provide valuable information, but reaching out to a professional to answer a series of questions will make your article stand out.


It is the best way to ensure your audience with specific information. Interviews can spruce up your blog, article, PR, and build quality links for addiction marketing for your substance abuse program.


You’re almost guaranteed a link to the content from the interviewee. You’ll get a link to the site, and other authority sites will most likely link to the interview. You will have to follow your blog promotion checklist to be sure your interview is promoted and consumed by the industry.


The key is to provide their audience with the information you gathered, written, published, and shared to provide value to the industry.


How to find persons to interview is by searching Google for recent interviews. Examine how well the interview was received, the value the interviewee provides, and if you feel the professional will provide value to your audience.


  • Industry professionals using new modalities to fight addiction with positive results
  • Case studies with public figures taking a stand at breaking down the barrier and stigma of addiction
  • Public figures that are open about their recovery



5. Free tools and applications as an SEO link building strategy

For instance, Building apps and tools to help your readers in times of needs get shared. Tools people enjoy and actually use is another superior SEO link building strategy to use. 


A few examples of recovery tools

 1. Rehabs Finder

Screenshot of rehabs finder seo link building strategy by creating a usable smartphone application
Image source

How it works:

Set your preferences, gender, location, age, the substance of choice and submit. The finder will give you a listing of choices. Choose which program best fits. Dial up the number and go. For more information about Rehabs Finder, click here.


2.  WEconnect App

Seo Link Building by creating a usable application with this screenshot of WeConnects I-phone app.
Image source

How it works:

The app gives the person using it full tracking power of their progress in recovery. Daily inventories are influential to living sober. An app such as We-connect now provides a person in recovery the capability to track progress, get to meetings, and reach out to a sober network when life comes crashing down. For more information about WeConnect, click here.


3. Sober Grid

Seo Link Building by creating a usable application with this screenshot of Sober Grids I-phone app.

Image source

How it works:


This app is a must when it comes to building a sober network. Get connected with persons in recovery locally and globally. You’ll never have to face a dangerous situation without support with Sober Grid. For more information about Sober Grid, click here.


Creating tools like those listed above that help those in need to find an adequate drug rehab, provide peer support networks, and help stay focussed on recovery goals are all superior applications. Tools like these are useful, relevant, and purposeful and will assist in SEO link building.

The more relevant when the tool you build is useful to another. Readers, authorities, and professionals will start using your tools on their websites the link to your site to use your tool.

Goal setting apps, virtual recovery coaches or sponsors are excellent ideas that allow your readers to gain value from your expertise and authority when not in treatment, around a pc or in an area with a wifi connection.


~Turning it over to you~

There are many different strategies you can use to get the various links your addiction program needs to rank higher in search engines. Backlinks from reputable domains will start illustrating to Google

  • your website is an authority in the field
  • You provide value to your readers
  • People will begin to trust your valuable content

Build backlinks by publishing content that excites, offers value, and is demands to be shared.


  • Guest posting
  • Interviews
  • Industry spotlights  press releases
  • Create useful applications that your audience can use
  • Checklists, case studies, or white papers that provide answers to the worrisome questions that plague your readers.

To summarize my intent of content marketing is first to create content that’s urgent, unique, useful, ultra-specific, to my target market written in a way that engages, empowers, meets the reader where they’re at, and is optimized to be found naturally in organic search.

When staying true to this ideal I know I’m providing value to readers and influencers alike. 

Using strategies for SEO link building listed allows you to consistently provide a variety of content to engage and entertain all the segments of your target audience. Writing to your audience first makes Google and other search engines notice the path you follow in your content marketing. 

The best SEO strategy is never to force it. Publish content to nurture your readers. Ranking high in search engines is done by committing to empower, engage, and educate your readers with your content marketing messages.  Give your audience the chance to know, like and trust your drug rehab.

Keeping this in mind while consistently creating content SEO link building will happen with ease organically and naturally.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Leave a comment below or fill out a form and I’ll help you sort out a route to follow to optimize your content so you can start building momentum and ranking higher in search engines correctly.

Link building is just one facet of search engine optimization. Stay tuned for my next post in the ranking higher in search enginges.