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Let’s talk about your addictions blog’s strategy. Is it failing?

When it comes to your blog, you need to stop worrying about what your competitors are doing and start creating posts tailored to your readers based on your unique client-centered treatment services.

When you start publishing strategic target blog posts to you will get the unique users to your site, build leads, and engage those that are best suited for your treatment.

Content marketing through blogging will start ranking for those keywords that are so competitive in addictions marketing. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a slow process, but with each new post you’ll build more authority, rank higher in search rankings, and build trust with your readers.


Stop publishing random blog posts. Let’s create a strategic plan.

Lately, I’ve noticed a pattern, in regards to drug rehabs blogs. The purpose, quality, and value to the reader are lacking.

There are many reasons why your program may have started an addiction blog, but now that it’s been launched you are having problems consistently publishing posts, getting readers engaged, coming up with new content, and fear you’re not connecting readers with your brand.

Driving your addiction marketing with your blog is a successful content strategy, but you must be vigilant and purposeful. You have to follow your content calendar like it’s your boss. You are using a content calendar, right?

I can help breathe life back into your blog, so its no longer seen as a waste of time, instead of after our discovery call I’ll create a strategy that’ll generate the leads, engagement, and referrals your drug rehab needs to fill beds and continue to save lives.

The internet has always been about conversations, information, resources, and community. Engage, include, and build rapport with your readers by creating a community with your addiction blog.

Work with me and I’ll professionally create and manage your blog. Some of the benefits your drug rehab marketing will reap

Blog Strategy and Purpose

Segment Target Audiences

Content Calendar

Seo Keyword and Keyphrase Research

Purposeful, Valuable, Engaging Content Optimized content for Local Voice-Search

Content Promotion to Increase Readership




Strategy & Purpose

What are you trying to achieve with your substance abuse programs blog?


Who are you trying to connect with your addiction blog’s content?


Engage your readers by consistently connecting thru content. Create a publishing calendar.


Quality continually provides the answers your readers are seeking to find.

Ready to drive your content marketing with your blog?

Increased Traffic Organic Traffic

I’ll help you create a strategy and then the content to start increasing traffic to your site.

As you see in the graph from Hubspot, the more content you share the further your inbound reach.

Along with your traffic, your search engine rankings will increase. I’ll strategically place the keyword phrases consistently throughout your addiction blog’s posts.

Each new valuable piece of published content to your addiction treatment’s blog. This is way strategy, purpose, and SEO is vital to generating the traffic your substance abuse program’s website needs.

Get More Leads

Traffic is your blog’s priority. The next step is turning this traffic into qualified leads aligned with your substance abuse program.

I’ll help you turn your traffic into qualified leads by gently persuading your readers into your marketing messages. I’ll remove the clutter from your blog, publish consistent, valuable content with the proper lead generation tools specific to your audience.

I’ve written blog posts that returned 200 leads. I’ve helped treatment programs go from 0-1000 unique leads in 4 months with by publishing relevant blog posts.

I know how to generate leads for your program, so you can continue to fill beds and save lives.

Fill More Beds.

Getting the reoccurring traffic to your blog build your authority, social proof, and plant the seed of change.

Your reading this right now because you know that you need to get your blog on track, to build the leads to fill beds.

Your blog is a tool that can get your marketing message out to your readers naturally, help you rank higher in organic search, and empowering your readers to change.

If your ready to build a blog to drive your content marketing strategy, generate specific needs, and save more lves you’re in the right place.

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I’m Johnny. I write content for substance abuse marketing that builds relationships, authority, and influence. I’ve worked in the field as a senior counselor. I look forward to assisting you in building the leads you need to fill beds and save lives.

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