I help substance abuse programs start conversations that inturn optimize business, engage thier audience and fill beds ethically with the power found in words.

Ethical Addiction Marketing

Hi, I’m Johnny. I’m passionate about helping your substance abuse marketing work to assist you in finding unique patients to encourage to take the first steps onto the path of recovery.

I find using the power of words to create content marketing campaigns intriguing and exciting. Writing words that persuade others to take action and initiate the changes they need to succeed in life is my forte. I want to use that skill to help your addiction treatment programs grove and succeed. Being able to track and analyze a finished project’s positive ROI for your program allows me to witness the positive impact my words can have in content marketing.

My work as a clinician in the substance abuse industry is rewarding and challenging work. Empowering other to change takes skill, persistence, and grace.  I have experience in the industry as a clinician, recovery, and a business coach.

I’m passionate about writing ethical addction marketing messages to build the connections you need in your community. Addiction counseling and marketing needs to be sensitive requiring a subtle, ethical approach. Using my skills as a writer/clinician assures that your marketing will follow industry ethical standards while building trust, influence, and the community connections to draw clients and save lives.

How to purpose your ethical addiction marketing to nurture leads and save more lives.

Today’s info savvy consumers need more than a pretty website to influence buying decisions. Aesthetics do matter but what matters more is the persuasive copy that highlights your unique selling proposition (USP). Your site needs to deliver marketing messages that inspire the readers to pick up the phone and call. The content on your webpage must motivate your readers to take action.

Most often it is your website that makes the initial contact with possible leads. The marketing message on your page needs to efficiently introduce the reader to your voice, style, and tone. Ethical addiction marketing strategies create and empower your audience by initiating conversations and then keeping them engaged. Within these discussions, your reader will come to trust your sincerity.

By aligning my passion for guiding others towards positive change, with my skills as a copywriter, I’m now an industry-savvy content writer for that change.

It’s a win, for us, both, because I have the opportunity to write ethical addiction marketing content to guide your reader towards trusting your substance abuse program. I’ll highlight your unique qualities and client-centered treatment practices.

Writing the marketing copy you need to build trust and authority for your treatment center is my specialty.  Using the best possible words to engage your readers in conversations to help solves problems and creates confidence in your substance abuse program’s brand.

I can engage your audience towards taking steps towards treatment by building connections through conversational copywriting. Highlighting the benefits and unique strategies you bring to the industry is the approach I’ll follow.

Staying true to my training as a clinician by remaining culturally comptetent and using ethical addiction marketing messages. I’m allowed to use my words to help you solve the problems of your readers, to seek positive change, and to bring peace to worried loved ones.

My clients find that I’m easy to work with and ready to assist your content marketing needs. It doesn’t matter what the project from blog post to complete web page copy it’s approached with the same intensity.

My goal is to satisfy you as a client and have you return as a repeat customer. I care about the positive impact my words create. I deliver all projects on time, proofed by an in-house editor. I offer unlimited revisions as long as the nature of the project is not changed. I’ve never had more than two reviews. I believe this is because before I write, I research and send an outline for approval. Following this outlining process ensures that we are on the same page.

My Story-How I got my start

We all writers-just some enjoy it more than others. I get off on it. It’s my release, my passion and it plays a big part of my recovery. I bounced around from town to town in my younger years always running from myself and my addiction. There was a positive to this I learned to be self-sufficient, developed an incredible work-ethic (compulsion at one point), and kept copious notes and journals. No matter where I was, I found time to write each day. My memories of worry and anxiety give me the power I need to connect with readers. I can relate to feelings felt and know how to keep them reading. Maybe it’s because I write to that same boy who was always trying to run away.

I’ve been writing for the web for 7 years and freelance business writing for 2 years.

I got my start writing for my own tattoo studio and an art studio. I sold the shop because of a liver disease which came from years of abuse.  Hep C was a big hurdle to overcome at year 10, in my recovery. I chose to go back to school for MH-addictions counseling. During this time I supported myself by writing for blogs and continue to write press releases for the art studio. While counseling I learned to engage my patients, meet them where they are at with empathy and active listening.

Even though I enjoyed my work at The PAC Program in Manhattan, I longed for the freedom working for myself brings. I started writing again. I began work on a memoir and a personal blog to help others to learn to enjoy life without heroin. Through my blog, clients started asking me to write blog articles for their blogs. I made a change.

I became passionate about writing for the web. Devouring writing programs like AWAI training courses-Accerlated Copywriting, Social Media Management, Web 2.0, and others. I became Hubspot certified in inbound marketing, learned best SEO practices, conversational copywriting, and joined a community of writers. I’m still part of several writer communities and am well read in direct response copywriting, content marketing, and keep up with the changing world of substance abuse treatment and recovery.

Recent Addiction Marketing Work & Future Plans

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to write content for these substance abuse programs: Sobriety Home, Serenity Park, and Sober Escorts. Creating content for treatment programs allows me to combine my talents as clinician and copywriter. It’s a win-win for us both. Writing digital or printed material for substance abuse programs content marketing keeps my energies focused on one industry. Mastery of marketing addiction treatment and recovery by engaging the reader content that engages and transforms. Buiding connections and concern by writing copy that remains within the cultural competencies, ethical, safe practices, and confidential compliance.

Addiction marketing doesn’t have to be stressful or worrisome, especially when you have a writer that intimately understands the addicted mindset.

I’m thrilled to work with you on your next project.

Ethical Addiction Markting Is More Than Words


A brief conversation to discuss the projects goal, reach, and value.  Is the content aligned with proper placement and purpose? Is this a one-off piece or is more content needed to answer the questions?

Audience and Persona

Who is your audience? Are you speaking to all person in your audience? Together we can analyze each different persona in your audience and be sure the content produced speaks to each persona.


Each piece of content produced is search engine optimized. Keywords in the substance abuse recovery industry are highly competitive. Ranking for these keywords is possible by publishing valuable content consistently.

My Writing Process

Working with me might be a little different than other writers. I find it is important for me to learn about your program, your future plans, and what makes you different from the 14K other programs that exist in the USA today.

Substance abuse Marketing step 1

Develop your USP

Together we’ll align the core message you want to deliver with the piece of content being written. Developing and delivering the unique value of your program reinforces your content marketing message.

Addiction marketing Icon 1

Customer Focus

We will work together to develop who the content will speak too. You need to speak to your readers needs wants and desires. Build rapport by helping to solve problems, ease their worry, and be present.

Addiction marketing Icon 1


Working with me requires an approved outline. Don’t think of this step as unnecessary. In the long run, the outline will save keep us on the same page for the project. This step also reduces revisions.
Addiction marketing Icon 4

Split Testing/Analytics

After the content is live it is best to monitor how it impacts on your content marketing goals. Testing different headlines or call to action wording can mean the difference in conversions, leads generate or beds filled.

Stay up-to-date about added content marketing services.

To make your website work for you 24/7 you need a content that gives value to your audience.

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I’m Johnny. I write content for substance abuse marketing that builds relationships, authority, and influence. I’ve worked in the field as a senior counselor. I look forward to assisting you in building the leads you need to fill beds and save lives.

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