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I'm Johnny, a NYC substance abuse content writer. Let me rehab your drug rehabs marketing messages so you can join the online conversations concerning addiction treatment. Nurture more leads, build stronger relationships, and give value to your community.

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Substance Abuse Content Marketing

Marketing addiction is a sensitive subject. Addiction is still a sensitive subject. The stigmas concerning substance abuse are perpetuated by both those diagnosed with a substance use disorder and their families and the general public. The message you sent to your substance abuse marketing needs has to be gentle without losing command, empathetic. The purpose of content marketing for substance abuse programs is to build long-lasting relationships with your community and remove the barrier of stigma so those seeking your assistance into the journey of recovery do not fear their diagnosis.

You know as well as I do that we cannot force people to change. Therefore you are not spending time marketing at shooting galleries, nightclubs, or raves. Dragging persons with substance abuse disorders into treatment. It wouldn’t work anyway. There is an easier way to market your program, build relationships with your audience, and convey your unique message and treatment philosophy. It’s simple. Content marketing is the answer to your worry. Once you decide to give freely of your time compassionately through content marketing you will establish long-lasting relationships by connecting to your community.

21 billion persons are suffering directly or indirectly from a substance abuse disorder, in the United States, today. The majority of these people will turn to Google to find answers to painful questions concerning addiction. Your Substance Abuse Program can be ready, willing, and able to help alleviate some of this suffering by having a strong but ethical presence on the internet. The answer then is to consistently publish quality content that provides answers, solutions and gently persuades the reader to take that first step.

When you enlist a content marketing strategy to deliver your substance abuse program’s unique message and have conversations that provide quality service to your readers your program will rise above the busy platform that has become the internet.

There are 14k treatment facilities in the US alone, your treatment program’s marketing needs to build rapport and empathize with those suffering from an addictive mindset or worse yet the stigma surrounding addiction

Together we can get your message heard by those in need. Let’s develop a content marketing strategy and rise above the noise, engage your readers and the community you proudly serve.

Content Marketing Services

Be heard ethically in a noisy market.  I’ll help you create the USP to gently empower your readers to engage with your Substance Abuse Program. Build your community ethically without fear. Let’s work together to help spread your S.A. Programs unique message. Content builds the authority you need.

Blog Creation, Strategy, & Content

Stop wasting money following your competition blog. Take the time to focus your intention, purpose, and strategy. Stand out from the pack of substance abuse program blogs. Start getting results with a laser-focused blog that builds conversations and trust with your audience. Start getting leads with your blog.

Effective SEO & Keyword Research

Addiction marketing is highly competitive for the same keywords. With a sold search engine optimization plan, your substance abuse program marketing can start to rank and optimize your content. so you see a solid ROI. With a solid plan SEO strategy your site will start getting results.

Making an Impact in Substance Abuse Marketing

It’s easy to get caught up in daily tasks, and it’s dangerous.

When you fail to take action on writing projects and campaigns you fail to nurture your audience about new services, coping skills, or programs that address their needs.

The substance’s we abuse are continually changing. It’s essential to consistently help your readers find the hope or purpose to take affirmative steps to change, too.

Never leave an idea in the someday project stage. When you do, you’re not doing all in your power to create change.

Letting your content marketing become stale and old isn’t a choice. Take a step in the right direction with confidence.

Let my words impact your readers on your next project. Let’s create compelling content together and start changing lives.

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